The power of simplicity

Transportation Management System that dispatchers and drivers love

The power of simplicity


Common Problem

Emails, spreadsheets, text messages, phone calls, snail mail, sticky notes… This is how communication happens among dispatchers and drivers, carriers and brokers in many small and even mid-size transportation companies. It is inefficient, time consuming, frustrating, and not scalable at all.


Potential Solutions

There are a lot of great solutions in the market that attempt to address that problem. However many smaller companies are struggling to find one that fits their needs. Many of these solutions are geared towards the larger companies and are too complex, dated, not integrated, user unfriendly, or simply too expensive.


Solution for You!

Simple but powerful Mile TMS will enable you to stream line your operations and improve team productivity. There are no long term contracts, complicated installation or any upfront fees. Simply sign up and start enjoying the benefits day one.

How It Works?

Mile TMS is web-based system for fleet managers and dispatchers and comes with the mobile app for drivers.

mile driver app

Driver App – the ultimate productivity tool for your drivers

Drivers are able to review and accept dispatched orders, provide delivery status updates and estimated arrival times with a few taps. Delivery and other documents can be scanned and submitted directly from the app.

New features are being added each month. Sign up below to receive updates about the latest features.

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mile driver app
mile tms
mile driver app

TMS Portal – that’s your control center. Optimized to support dispatcher-driver communications.

The system is carefully designed to simplify and improve efficiency in every step. Simple driver, truck and trailer management, multiple dispatcher dashboards with integrated delivery planning and dispatching capabilities, document management system, billing and accounting integration, management reporting and much more.

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